7 steps to loving your life


Worksheet #1

Take a moment and fill in as simply as you can the following questions. This will help you clear you mind and start the process of call to action that will transform your life!

7 steps worksheet 300

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Inspirational posters:

Download the pdfs and print these inspirational posters of the 7 steps to loving your life to remind you how amazing you are!

7 steps a imprimer

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Guy Giard step 6 ho oponopono

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Free RespiRelax (HeartMath) app

Guy Giard patch Adams heartmath

A simple application created by Les Thermes d’Allevard to instantly help you reduce your stress level 

Clic here to download from itunes.

View the inspirational video of Guy Giard in India

Have a passionate life filled with purpose and joy!

Bonjour, voici les liens pour trouver les clubs de rire dans la région de Montréal

Clipboard01Site Officiel Du Dr Madan Kataria Guru Du Rire

Clipboard02Club de rire de Montréal

Clipboard03Living Laughter on Facebook

Site de Living Laughter on Facebook


Yoga du rire de Montréal sur Facebook

Voici des suggestions de livres




Et quelques exercices



Links for teachers from QPAT – APEQ November 26th 2015

Ressources SenseAbility

Laughter Exercises Gendry

Laughter is the best medecine, session 7

Laughter Yoga Activities Guide

A Review of Humor in Educational Settings: Four Decades of Research
John A. Banas; Norah Dunbar; Dariela Rodriguez; Shr-Jie Liu


“My memoir offers a 50-year long journey in healing from the consequences of childhood abuse with art, music and humanitarian clowning missions with Dr “Patch” Adams.

Available as Ebook, paperback and hardcover in French  & Spanish

Coming in 2021 in English

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