Water Fasting 2009

Here is a reprint of my original 2009 first water fast originally published on my Healthy Eating Blog: Guythehealthypaleoguy’s Blog


9 Days Water Fasting 2009

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Saturday septembre 26, 2009

First day of water fasting

I was really looking forward to this, preparing myself since a couple of week. I first stopped with coffee 2 weeks ago, which resulted in 2 days of a mild but ever present headache. This way the first effects of the fast wouldn’t be confused with caffeine withdrawal. My first surprise was to notice how much my life was centered around coffee. My daily activities started either before or after the first cup, and then came a second cup. Later after lunch came the third, and finally at 4pm snack time maybe a fourth cup. Also I had the habit of sitting on a terrasse with a coffee to do some writing. So the changes were as much about caffeine as the rhythms of my days, as if I no longer had my watch!

Following this first week of preparation I stopped eating flours and grains, so no more bread. I also mostly ate fruits and salads, staying away from cooked foods. When I did eat some cooked vegetables I felt quite heavy in the stomach, such a different feeling then with the fruits, and I was also drinking lots of water. The days where I mostly ate fruits gave a small feeling of detox on my tongue and in the mouth. I’ll comme back to this aspect later when I’m well in detoxification.

So this morning of September 26 2009 I’m starting my first fast with only water, without juices or other beverages, and I weight 82 Kg (180 pounds). As I’m getting 50 years old next November 4th this is a present I’m giving myself, an end to my past and its heritage that I’m still wearing, and a welcome to life’s new offerings! Also as an artist who works on the metaphysics of existence, I find totally fascinating to question the nature of reality through my body.

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy

Sunday September 27 2009

Second day of fasting.

12 years ago I stopped smoking, meat maybe 9 years already and milk products about 7 years ago, and since a few months I augmented fresh produce such as salads and fruits. So my fast begins quite easily, no headaches or other aches. On the contrary I don’t feel a big difference, just a small tightness in the stomach, but no hunger. The only concrete signs are that I seem to be burping a lot and that my level of energy is below average. I’m not sleepy nor do I feel tired, just fine. Oh yes, I shouldn’t get up too fast if not I feel dizzy.!

Yesterday I gave a lecture on visual arts and it went extremely well, so the fast doesn’t affect me much (and the audience was very pleased).

So why fast then? It is just fascinating that we can function without food! More so, there are multiple health benefits, since as soon as digestion shuts down we obtain 30% more energy to maintain our body (this happens on the third day on average). So the body now has energy and time to ‘repair’ itself. A little note, during the fast the body is not unnourished but on the contrary nourishes itself on stored non-essential matter. In the same way that our system builds proteins by deconstructing foods (digestion), the body deconstruct fat and diseased cells to rebuild new proteins! It is wise!

Last detail, fasting is not for everyone, for exemple people who take a lot of medication should not fast. But anyone can take steps to prepare themselves for a fast. So you must read up and get well informed on the subject, and consult a physician before attempting a fast! I recommend books by Herbert M. Shelton.

But actually no need to buy the books as many of his works are freely available on the net, such as: The Hygienic System: Fasting And Sun Bathing | by Herbert M. Shelton. You can access it here: http://chestofbooks.com/health/natural-cure/The-Hygienic-System-Fasting-and-Sun-Bathing/

Thanks again, and more still more to come!

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy

3 and 4th day of water fasting

September 29, 2009

It’s easy after all, the first two days are the most demanding because it goes against all our habits and expectations. We fear being hungry, we think we should be hungry along with all the expected body signals. But in reality there is no fatigue or pain, only peace that we offer ourselves as if recovering after a long effort. All you have to do is not think about food. It is at this time that you can wonder whether you live to eat, or you eat to live.

As with coffee, food gave rhythm to my day, and the fast raises the question of the right to pleasure. Why deprive myself of the pleasure of eating ? Not even for a few days ? I answer. Is it so difficult ? Is it not a sign of being addicted to pleasure, when we cannot even choose, as a smoker defends his habitual cigarette? To eat to live is to eat by choosing the best foods and the best meals for optimal energy. To eat to live is to eat to achieve our personal goals, those which makes us happy and which gives meaning to our life. Food can give me pleasure, it’s true, but it will not make me happy!

On the other hand, a great pleasure which the fast brings me is no more grocery shopping and cooking! Finally, I no longer have to ask myself what meal to prepare and groceries to buy, peace! I can simply devote myself to my projects, which are preparing my lectures these days. I am lucky to have a job that allows free time for my artistic endeavors, but this too is a lifestyle choice, such as fasting. I could work more and make more money, but would I be happier? No. After all, isn’t happiness only a matter of choice?

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy

5th day of Water Fasting

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Today I had a Oh no! Experience. I was sitting on the floor and got up really fast, and instantly I said to myself : ‘What have I done !!!’ I knew I shouldn’t have done that so I put my hand on the wall, expecting something to happen, and it did ! I felt dizzy and blacked out for a few seconds, lost awareness as I was slowly kneeling to the floor. It didn’t last long, but whoa was it ever something ! Luckily a guardian angel walked into the room, just at the right time, and she stayed with me for 10 minutes. I breathed deeply in and everything came back to normal. Pfew ! Here’s why it happened.

Fasting blackouts and dizziness are common on water fasts over 5 days. The dizziness and weakness are due to increased levels of toxins circulating in the blood and from low blood sugar and lowered blood pressure. During water fasting the body conserves energy and slows all the organs including the heart. There is less blood sugar to feed the muscles and so the organs labor as a mountain climber in high altitudes. Due to these factors, blood pressure is lower and when you stand the blood pools in the legs. The head which is the highest part has a period of no blood pressure. This last until the body can rebalance. The effect is not harmful unless you fall and hit the floor. The blood sugar does reestablish a new equilibrium in the second and third week and then the dizziness may cease.

Getting up : It always takes more time for the blood to reach the head because everything has slowed down, including the rate of the heart beat, so blood pressure probably has dropped. When you want to get up breathe deeply a few time before standing from a resting position, stand up very slowly, moving from a lying to a sitting position, pausing there for ten or twenty seconds, and then rising slowly to a standing position. The trick is to lower your body’s center of gravity to balance your blood pressure and get blood back to the brain. If you black out get down on one knee, put your head between your knees so that the head is lower than the heart, or squat/sit down on the floor.

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy

6th and 7th day of water fasting

Friday October 2nd 2009

What a day! I feel poisoned, I have a headache and my energy level is very low. I feel as if I drank a whole bottle of cheap wine, and I slept badly last night. But that’s OK because it’s a sign of good detox. I lost a lot of weight, more in fact than I expected (tomorrow I will announce my new weight). I got rid of recent fats, and my weight came down lower than it ever was, so I feel I have released old fats containing toxins from when I didn’t eat so healthy! Also I have many toothaches, I wonder if it is due to my mercury fillings. The answer was to increase my intake of water to help my kidneys. I forgot, I have such a backache! This makes’s me understand what my body has been going through with the kidneys, and with drinking more water it’s starting to get better. Phew!

Here how it is : The more toxins you’re exposed to, the more weight you gain, the more medical problems you get. When toxins enter your body, the fat cells in your body surrounds them, captures them, and then stores them. Accumulated toxic fat cells attract each other and accumulate. They attach to our cells, tissues, and organs. Belly fat and visceral fat wraps deep around our organs and are the hardest to get rid of and are the most dangerous to our health. They become a toxic part of us. When you eliminate toxins in your body, you have the added benefit of natural weight loss because you lose all the toxic fat cells accumulated in your body. Each kidney has approximately 1,000,000 tiny filters which removes wastes and toxins from the bloodstream. They filter more than two litres of water and waste from the body every day. To do this, they clean more than 225 litres of blood daily.

Animals are injected with steroids and antibiotics, which cause us to build up an immunity to antibiotics which we need to fight infection. Our water is polluted with heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, pesticidal run off, bacteria and more. Even if you purify the water you drink, your skin is still exposed to toxic water when you shower. Your skin’s pores absorb the elements and are taken into your vascular and lymphatic system, and then deposited in the organs. The air we breathe is also polluted. Hydrocarbons in the air cause medical problems. Dang!

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy

8 and 9th day, end of my water fast

Sunday October 4th, 2009

I decided last night to end my fast, because it was my second night of insomnia. Furthermore yesterday I had a rise of bile, my liver was overloaded. In brief I was  in less physical health than I anticipated. I am very very satisfied to have undertaken this first fast, because it enabled me to get to know the intimate mechanisms of my body. It is generally recommended to make a one week fast as a first experience, it does not engage the repair mechanism of the body but allows detoxification to start. Also with my readings I concluded that a  juice fast might be better recommended in our day and age. Indeed our ancestors were not confronted with so much transformed, denatured with hormones and pesticides foods, as well as with the smog and the chemical in the water. The juice could prolong the resources of the body and give it more time for a healthy elimination.

During the fast I missed the conviviality of my family, and found it more and more difficult to concentrate on preparing my next lecture: the history of the humanity in 56min 30sec, coming Tuesday, October 13th. I hope you will be there because it will be very good!!! For today I drink raw apple juice 100 % natural cut with water, and perhaps will start to eat some apples too. This fruit digests very easily and is a part of many recipes for cleansing the liver. Possibly I will add some salads with alfalfa sprouts and apple cider. For now I will start to familiarize myself with sprouting to grow some at home. I am also going to try to put into practice the 75 % of live food in my plate.

Now here are the long-awaited results, with before and after photos! In 8 days I lost approximately 20 pounds, that is 9 kilos!!! I understand now why I felt so poisoned! It is nevertheless surprising and unexpected. I am very satisfied and I think that I’m getting closer to my ideal healthy weight. A few last words, why go on a fast? For our future, because we can abuse our body for a very long time, but as you near your 50’s you begin to go to the doctor more often for such or such ailments. Fortunately it is never too late and fasting makes it possible to set back the clock! Thank you all, and… Good Fast!

Here I am at the worst of my constitution, it was in 2003 and I weight 235 pounds, or 107 kilos! I started to develop sleeping apnea, so I decided to start exercising and eventually I lost 50 pounds.From 2003 at 230 pounds to 2010 at 165 pounds!

From 2003 at 230 pounds to 2010 at 165 pounds!From 2003 at 230 pounds to 2010 at 165 pounds!

From 2003 at 230 pounds to 2010 at 165 pounds!

Here I am today after 8 days of fasting and having lost around 20 pounds, 9 kilos. With my little love handles I see that I still have a small way to go. I look forward to get back at my exercises!!!

So until next,   GGrrrrrrrrrrr    Guy The Healthy Paleo Guy

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