5 Attitudes

These 5 Attitudes will Create your Amazing Life of PASSION and PURPOSE

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Yesterday I woke up at 4 am and just couldn’t go back to sleep! I WAS TOO EXCITED!!!

I had finally understood the power of YES and it came with a vision for a graphic introduction to these 5 attitudes. I got up and searched the net for an image that would reflect the freedoms they would bring to you. I found it in this awe inspiring photo of the cosmic expanse of the PLEIADES.   

Years ago I had studied the outstanding book «Getting to yes» by Roger Fisher and William L. Ury, and more recently «Nonviolent Communication» by Marshall Rosenberg. I knew in my heart of heart that acceptance and acknowledgment were the first steps in getting out of any dire situation.

This reminded me of an incident in my childhood. We were on a family outing and had traveled by public transit to a famous oratory in Montreal. An argument broke out with my siblings and I had enough. I decided to go home. I had no idea where home was, but I remembered the bus line we took. So I walked to the stop  we had disembarked and searched for the one that came before. I saw it! And walked over to that one. And from there proceeded as Little Thumb retracing my steps. Two hours later I was sitting on the front porch of our home, waiting. You see, I didn’t have a key to the house, I was only 6 years old!

 In this story you find all the 5 attitudes: first check the facts, then have a plan, put it into action, afterwards evaluate the consequences and finally decide to repeat or not. Poor Mom understandingly was scared out of her wits and had called the police!!! So in this case I did not repeat! But it showed me that when you are passionate about something you can accomplish anything. These 5 attitudes will not only assure you an amazing rich life, but will also make you discover your passions, and ultimately set in motion your life’s purpose.

These attitudes did not come together by accident, they are the fruits of years of my research in the fields of sociology and psychology. More to the point, they are the results of my successfully overcoming 50 years of personal trials and tribulations. From childhood abuse to bullying, having being overweight, divorced and  homeless, today I’ve triumphed in so many ways as I bring solace to children in hospitals and orphanages across the world. Job loss, relationship problems or financial woes, you can turn your life around. These 5 tools have proven their efficacy and success.

Here is a short summary of the 5 attitudes that have the power to change your life

1) Say YES to life! Total Acceptance: Do an inventory, whatever is, is, never say no! Give up control. Acknowledged what the other person is saying or doing, (it doesn’t mean you approve or condone it.) Appraisal: Inventory, fact check, statistics, reports, analyze, review, the current situation, trends, corporate culture, human resource, union

2) Feel the JOY! Total Expression: Total freedom to express what you feel and think, listening to what is present and alive in you. Find your joy and share it. Plan: Mission statement, brainstorm, goal setting, step by step plan, objectives, Pareto’s 80/20 law, sustainability and social impact

3) Have FUN! Total Action: Act, listen to your Passion, feel gratitude, the body always chooses the best solution, have faith, fun and humor, community, support, groups (Be Loved Be Lief) Action: Set in motion the new plan, delegate, set accountability, time frame, report, launch, celebrate

4) Is it AWESOME? Total Presence: Stop, breathe, listen, meditate, just be aware, un-stimulate yourself, take in. Is this what you want more of in your life? Evaluation: End of the trial period, assessment of the objectives results, human factor, partnerships,

5) Choose LIFE! Total Forgiveness: Make new choices, keep the awesome and leave the old behind, be thankful for all life experiences, grieve, let go, forgive. Hoʻoponopono. Adjustments: Prioritize the results, select the profitable activities, identify the negative returns and reorganize, cutting the losses.

I now teach my clients and share in keynotes the healing powers of these habits. Each point are efficiently introduced in the business settings as well as for personal growth.

This short description introduces you to the concept of the 5 attitudes. I will explore these in depth with more personal stories in my upcoming book: “LOVE’S Healing Journey, TRIUMPH over life’s Adversities”. I will also start to post videos exploring each one of them on this blog. Over the next few months I will share more tips and tricks to ease these attitudes into your daily routine, so make sure to sign up for my newsletters for the book launch and to this blog.

“My dream is that each of us lives their unique passions and purpose. Together we will end all wars and poverty and create a world of love, compassion and peace”

Guy Giard


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