Birth In Your Beautiful Self

Birth In Your Beautiful Self

Just imagine for a moment: You are born in the most gentle orgasmic way. Loving hands in a warm pool of water welcomes you into this world. A luminous sphere diffuses warm subdued light as your eyes slowly opens to this new home. Released from compression you are expanding on the silky belly of your mother. Nestled between breasts a nipple offers you the first taste of sweetness. You recognize the heartbeats and voices that were in your dreams. You are bliss.

As you grow up, your parents, brothers, sisters and extended family cares and listens. They offer you knowledge, experience and wisdom as you explore new territories. They are always willing to answer your questions and bring you support in your projects. As years go by you discover and develop your talents. You are gifted and wish to share with the whole Universe. There is unity and love. All is well with the world!


Was this hard to imagine? How do you feel a child born and raised this way would view himself and the surrounding world? Would he/she be filled with self-doubt and reaching for substances to ‘avoid’ reality? Would he/she resort to threats, anger or violence to ‘get’ what he/she wants? Which reality do you opt for?

It is hard to imagine, yes, but in my heart of heart this is not an Utopia, it’s a reality. I saw it in the eyes of children in Peru as they cared for their younger brothers and sisters. I felt it in my heart when I held orphans in my arms in Guatemala. I feel it growing everyday as I reconnect to the most precious gift within myself, my humanity.

Having lost our humanity we fall pray to the worst disease of this modern era: LONELINESS! Loneliness is the result of being disconnected to our humanity. We ache for love, for companionship, for touch, we try to connect with others and forget the one most essential relationship of all. The relationship with our Inner Self!

No cup of tea, but a piece of cake!

Is it possible? Yes it is! It doesn’t matter where or how you were born, you can become the loving parent you always wanted. Of course, if your family was anything like mine you may feel powerless and overwhelmed by this task. You may feel undeserving and guilty of even wanting change! Since they didn’t have the tools and the knowledge for themselves, they couldn’t teach you. No cup of tea here.

Here’s the cake: To reconnect all you need is change. Sounds simple? Yes, it does. New information in, old information out. The difficulties lies only in your view of the change process itself. This is what is usually called the ‘comfort zone’.

It doesn’t have to hurt to ‘un-stick’ from your past and ‘update’ with your dreams for the present! Laughter Yoga, for example, is one of those tools to help get the ball rolling. There are many many more!

YES! You can have your cake and eat it too! You can have the life you always dreamed off while leaving behind what never belonged to you in the first place: pain, hurt and loneliness! This is the purpose of this blog and my book : “Love’s Healing Journey”! I wish with all my heart to bring you the tools to reconnect to your humanity.

On the best road ever!

See this little baby who’s just born, hold it into your light and press it against your body. This newborn is you and is part of the longest line of loving beings ever. It is part of humanity, forever with you and within you. Like a string of pearls you are part of an amazing jewelry of life. You are a Star in a Infinite Universe of Love!

Be the best you can ever be!

I love you all xxxxxx

Guy Giard

If telling my story can offer a beacon of hope to those who are locked away behind dark walls of protection, then I feel I have started to accomplish my task.   

Guy  Giard is a speaker and the author of the upcoming book ‘LOVE’s healing journey’ How to Triumph over life’s adversities.


Dr “Patch” Adams writes about Guy Giard: “I truly feel his passion to live radiant, using clowning as a tool to help midwife a loving world. To hear of his own transformation to being a loving soul will inspire others to try it on.

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