Achieve your dreams

Guy Giard Lifebuoy

Have the life of your dreams

Yes dreams do come true, but not the way you usually expect. For the last years I have built many dreams, as I have written in my last post A hard piece of Crass, but how I have achieved them will surprise you.


Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high
There’s a land that I’ve heard of once in a lullaby.
Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream,
Really do come true.

What are YOUR dreams?

Success, love or recognition? I wish with all my heart that you achieve all of them. So how can you get from where you are today to where you want to be?  In a nut shell: go for what you want and never look back!

In the past I have had success as a professional artist because I believed in what I did. I asked for many grants and submitted my work to numerous galleries. What ensured my achievements were not the positive response I sometimes got, but that I never gave up. As soon as I finished submitting one project I would move on to the next one. I would let go of the results.

This is the reason of my successes: letting go of the results.

What are you not letting go off?

Would you like to ask for a raise? Ask your partner for more time together, or, actually more time apart to set in motion your passions? You can lose hours of sleep over one simple question, and yet not get any closer to your dreams. Have you noticed how asking sometimes feels super easy, while at other time it seems excruciatingly difficult?  The reason is that the more attached you are to the results the less you will dare to ask for what you want.

Why are we so much attached to the results? Well as life goes on we constantly face unexpected challenges. One solution is to apply what has proven to work. We tend to hold to these, they become our metaphoric life buoy in sea of constant change. Over the years we forget to question why we have adopted these solutions. They became the foundations of our life.

I became a successful artist because I let go of the negative answers I got to my proposals. Then I became a successful teacher by letting go of my art career. I then let go of teaching to become successful writer and speaker. Each time it might have seemed that the hardest part was going for my dream, but actually it was not. The hardest part was letting go of the life I had built!

The hardest part was letting go of the life I had built!

Philip Guston- The Studio, 1969

Philip Guston was the most important American abstract expressionist artist of his time, even more than Jackson Pollock. He revolutionized the art world a second time by letting go of his successes to the scathing reviews from most of the art establishment. That didn’t stop him!

  • What choices have you made in the past that are now the foundations of your life?
  • What have you built on your life buoy which seems impervious to change?
  • What one thing that if you would let go would make a major change in your life today?
Start the conversation by writing your thoughts in the ‘Leave a Reply’ section below!

Guy Giard

If telling my story can offer a beacon of hope to those who are locked away behind dark walls of protection, then I feel I have started to accomplish my task.   

Guy  Giard is a speaker and the author of the upcoming book ‘LOVE’s healing journey’ How to Triumph over life’s adversities


Dr “Patch” Adams writes about Guy Giard: “I truly feel his passion to live radiant, using clowning as a tool to help midwife a loving world. To hear of his own transformation to being a loving soul will inspire others to try it on.

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2 thoughts on “Achieve your dreams

  1. I don’t know if or what I have to let go on the life I had built. I am on my way of building the new one, but see the things from the old one that keep me a bit behind and don’t know how to let them go, by lack of time and sometimes by not feeling I should let them go, don’t know, not clear yet. I imagine myself free completely and hope that it will manifest softly, not with big rupture, I try to educate myself with patience, and yet, I am not sure if I should be as patient.

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    • Yes Carmen, I recognize what you are writing about. I also often get impatient with the change process. When I get in these situation I reflect with the help of my 5 attitudes approach and look at where my inner voice is telling me to look…. In this case if I am not clear of what to let go, often it is around #2, do I feel free to speak my mind? If not who or what is stopping me! Thanks for your sharing! Guy


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