9 – Life is an adventure

Life is an adventure

You never know where you’re going to end up if you don’t let go of your past.

In Guatemala, on the first morning of going Clowning, we got into a circle and Patch asked us how we felt. I told him I was anxious, I didn’t know what was going to happen next. Here I was with a group of strangers, clowns becoming new friends, daring to be here, my true self, and I felt anxious. ‘‘Why Guy? Why are you anxious?’‘ Patch asked. ”Because I’m scared of the unknown….” I answered. ”In the past the unknown always meant danger”. Patch replied : ”Well, I find the unknown exciting! It brings me joy, it brings me energy!” That hit me! How can the unknown mean such a different thing to another person?

As we got onto the bus my chest was getting tighter and tighter, while at the same time filling with joy. As we started on the road and sang campfire songs such as ”You are my sunshine”, I started to get overwhelmed with memories from the past, of the last time I went to a summer camp and the horrors I lived there. My eyes filled up with tears : ‘‘How is it possible that I am now on a bus full of love and care and happiness, while the last time it was such a nightmare…” I asked myself? So I let go! Emily, sitting next to me held my hand as I shared my story with her. I felt being reborn in the here and now. I felt peace and relief come over me. It was over! I am safe now! Safe with my new friends and family. My family of Clowns!

Father’s day

Swinging Citizen Clown and Clownita
Swinging Citizen Clown and Clownita

So on this wonderful day, Father’s day, I wish all the father’s of the world, and all the women, children and grandchildren who love them, the gift of freedom from the past. Letting go of my past opened up my heart to myself, to spread love in my families, and to send it all around the globe as Guy the Citizen Clown.

We love you all!
Happy Father’s day! We love you all this big!!!

Long live the present, it’s all about love!

Thank you for sharing in this part of my journey!

”May the Farce be with all of us!”

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