8 – A Book for Change

A Book for Change

I’m happy to announce today that our growing community of Citizen Clowns is now enriched with two new amazing members! Citizen Clown Dominic and Citizen Clown Tamera! We are also visiting one of the most scrumptious bakeries in Montréal: Rustique

Citizen Clown Dominic

I met Dominic at a warehouse in St-Henri. It was early morning, blue skies and warm weather, a beautiful summer day as can be. The warehouse was huge, and after getting lost a few times we were able to retrieve my ceramic sculpture. Dominic had been storing it since our last exhibition together a couple of years ago.

Citizen Clown Dominic!

Citizen Clown Dominic!

Dominic and I have been friends for about 35 years now. Our friendship has been following the great sine wave curve, I guess like all real long term relationships. Over three decades we sang and composed music together, drank beer, coffee, and had long discussions about women, art and life. I slept on his couch in London, England. We might have crossed paths in Paris and Amsterdam. I was at his wedding, and his wife’s family is as dear to me and always felt like my second family.

Would you like some change with your cake?

Dominic has an amazing career as an artist and as a scholar. He is helping to establish the history and study of caricature in Quebec, and he’s also the father of two young wonderful women. After catching up with each others families, we started to talk about our futures. Transitions and changes were our common themes. How can we plan a change? And most important of all, how can we make room for changes?

Since my late teens I’ve been reading and writing about the changing process. There is no shorthand way to go about it. I find some of the best images are either the Spiral: an ever ending process of going deeper and deeper on the same path; the Onion: peeling layers after layers always to find more layers; and the Sawtooth Wave : changes happening in disconnected burst. One way or the other, the transitions can sometimes be painful, and sometimes they can be as smooth as silk. Either way, they are necessary and always results in growth.

Citizen Clown Tamera

Rustique is a small bakery located in St-Henri, Montréal’s Sud Ouest neighborhood. The fragrance of real ingredients and love of the arts welcomes you as you enter the shop. There are only 3 small tables, which confirms that the main attraction here are the cakes and pies. Tamera was sitting at a table next to us chatting away with one of her friends. As I asked her to take our picture she answered yes with such a radiant smile that I had to ask her to also don a nose. She was overjoyed! She then proceeded to tell us, much to our surprise, that she was one of the founders of this wonderful haven.

Citizen Clown Tamara

Citizen Clown Tamara

Now I’m sure Tamera has had her fair share of changes. In itself starting up a business is bound to bring it’s moments of unexpected events, and I imagine that by having multiple partners this brings about even more opportunities for reevaluation and readjustments.

Change and Humor

When you are going either through the Spiral, the Onion or the Sawtooth Wave changes, humor is one of the best balms to take care of your feelings. Change is an ongoing process, but we tend to identify with the change itself. We often forget to distance ourselves as we get bogged down in a quagmire of emotions of past events meeting future hopes. Laughing at yourself is actually one of the best practices from Dr Kataria’s Laughter Yoga foundation exercises. Laughter opens you up to new perspectives, solutions and ideas.

This process of change will be explored more in depth in a chapter of my upcoming book ‘How laughter transform lives’. I am looking forward to share all of it with you. I am more than blessed to have all of you today in my journey, along in this Amazing Adventures of Citizen Clown Blog, and with me as I went Care Clown In Guatemala, and soon in India!

Thank you for sharing in this part of my journey!

”May the Farce be with all of us!”





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Love xxx

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