7- Be your own Clown !

Be your own Clown!

Summer is here, and it’s been 3 months to the day that I’ve been back from Guatemala with Patch Adams.  I am a different person, as everyone who has lived this experience warned me: ‘Your life is going to change” and it did! My life changed Wednesday March 5th when I met Yorbely at the Valley of the Angels orphanage.

 Yorbely at the Valley of the Angels orphanage

Yorbely at the Valley of the Angels orphanage

Yorbely taught me how to accept my feelings and be vulnerable. She was as wonderful and spunky as my own little girl, Aïyana, except that for her, going home, meant going to the dormitory. My heart sank as the bus pulled away and we waved our last goodbyes,  tears in our eyes. I hope to meet her next year when we go back clowning with my family.

Be yourself!

Did you ever feel lost? Since my return I’ve had to question many of my old ways, as well as try to integrate my new feelings and experiences. One thing was now definite, I am a Clown… a Humanitarian Clown… but what does it mean on a day to day basis?

I had a lot of doubts and questions… at first, I couldn’t leave my Guatemalan clothes, and then one day I tried on my usual way of dressing. I did the typical before and after pick:


Before and after Guatemala

I just couldn’t do it! Nope! I couldn’t revert to my old ways. For my family I was away for 10 days. It actually felt like 6 months, and now it feels worlds away…. but it was just three months ago.!!! I mean, Christmas feels like, just back then, not such a while ago, but Guatemala,.. a trip to the moon couldn’t be further away! Thank God for Facebook friends and my AATH family! This way I know it wasn’t just a dream!

Summer time

So I became Citizen Clown and started to Clown people with a red nose and a photo! Those meetings have been wonderful, and now that I have the stickers I can leave them with even more than a smile. I love it!

Summer is now getting hot, so how shall I my Clown self ? A baseball cap just doesn’t fit! So I set out to find a hat. Sylvester McCoy was part of my inspiration. Who? Yes, rightly so, the Seventh Doctor! And then, my sweet little daughter who was pestering me about getting a haircut, asked me again so I finally answered: ”Yeah, sure, you do it!” Enjoy her performance as my stylist in this little ‘clip’ (pun intended!) with some great music:

The no nose knows!

As she was cutting away I suddenly realised I could have had my nose on! Actually Benny Hill and other famous Clowns didn’t have any on. I knew I wasn’t a make-up Clown, nor a Show Clown. The nose helped me get my inner Clown out. Today as I introduce Citizen Clown to the world, I feel the nose is an after the fact artifact. I wear the clothes, and now a hat. I smile, and most importantly I love people. This is who I am and what my clowning is about, loving people, sending them humor and happiness!


The no nose Citizen Clown loves you!

As I walk the streets, I can now tip my new hat to all who smiles towards me! I can approach them and give them smiley stickers, I can Clown them and add their beautiful joy to the growing community of Citizen Clowns!

I now know that the Clown comes from inside. All that you have to do is be your clown!

Thank you for sharing in this part of my journey!

”May the Farce be with all of us!”





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Love xxx

One thought on “7- Be your own Clown !

  1. What an amazing father you are and what a sweet little lady you are raising. Fun clip to watch. Yes, if you are happy and understand the value of laughter – you share as you wish,. No need for make up or nose – or costume – Red Skelton was a perfect example. Your haircut and new hat and persona – is YOU – so glad you are finding yourself from whatever you have been through.


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