6 – Let your Inner Clown shine out!

Let your Inner Clown shine out!

Summer is here! How are you enjoying yourself? I’m happy that more and more people find my blog interesting and entertaining! I have some great photos coming up.

I’ve actually given a new definition to Clowning; I’m using it as a verb when I approach people and ask them: ‘May I Clown you? And with a big smile, sometimes awkward, most agree!

May I present to you Citizen Clown Frank!

I met Frank in the elevator. A very tall young man, skateboard in hand, he was just coming out of a meeting with his doctor. Was it a chiropractor? It was something physical… You see Frank is a professional wrestler, and he had a few knots and twists to iron out. My first reaction was asking him if he had a stage name, as I grew up watching all those costumed muscular avengers in the ring…. no, no he answered, not that kind of wrestler! An olympic wrestler he grinned!!! Of course silly me!

Citizen Clown Frank

Citizen Clown Frank

When I told him that I did Greek style wrestling back in college 40 years ago his eyes widened and he blurted incredulously: ‘What age are you?’  Hi hi hi, laughter does keep you young!!!

While originally from Russia (I never got his full name!) Frank had a good mastery of french. He is a very kind person.

Well Citizen Clown Frank, you gave me a big smile, and I wish you lots of success in your wrestling carreer!!!

Thank you for sharing in this part of my journey!

”May the Farce be with all of us!”





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Love xxx

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